Defense Against Weapon-Related Charges

Firearm OffensesWhen an arrest involves a weapon charge, the sentence upon conviction is much more severe than if a weapon had not been present. For example, if you were arrested for a drug-related crime and a gun was found in your car or on your person, you may face a mandatory five-year minimum prison term.

Additionally, most gun and weapon charges are tried as felonies and can have serious collateral consequences, including ineligibility for a license to carry a firearm (LTCF). Whether weapon possession is the only offense that you have been charged with, or one of several, you need top-tier, aggressive defense from a lawyer who is familiar with Pennsylvania's gun laws.

Protecting Constitutional Rights For Over 10 Years

The Law Office of Marc J. Semke in York has been protecting the best interests and defending the rights of Pennsylvanians accused of crimes for more than 10 years. Attorney Marc Semke takes a client-centered approach to criminal defense that involves learning your priorities and informing you of all legal options available and their repercussions before developing a defense.

When challenging weapons and firearms offenses, attorney Semke defends your constitutional right to bear arms and stands by your side, whether you choose to negotiate a bargain to protect certain interests or to take your case to trial. You have the right to legal representation; without it, you are unprotected from law enforcement officers and prosecuting attorneys who may try to obtain a damaging statement from you.

Aggressive Representation For The Accused

If your car was stopped illegally, or if your gun was obtained by unlawful search and seizure, that evidence cannot be used in court and your case may even be dismissed. Defense lawyer Marc J. Semke examines every case closely to see whether lawful and proper procedure was followed. He prepares every case for trial and is thorough in his preparations. Even if you determine that negotiating a plea bargain is the best course of action for you, a case prepared for trial usually gives you and your lawyer more bargaining power.

Put Your Future In Safe Hands

Don't try to fight criminal charges alone. Marc J. Semke delivers high-impact defense for people accused of gun and other weapon crimes. Call 717-781-8021 or submit a contact form online. We accept credit cards, and are available evenings and weekends by appointment.