Real Help With DUI And Traffic Violations

DUIBeing arrested for DUI in Pennsylvania can affect virtually every aspect of your life. The potential consequences of a conviction include jail time, fines, probation and license suspension. With the stakes this high, it is crucial to have an experienced DUI defense lawyer on your side if you are facing a DUI charge.

At The Law Office of Marc J. Semke, we fight to protect the rights and future of individuals accused of drunk driving in York, Harrisburg, Camp Hill, Lancaster County and the surrounding areas. When you come to our office for an initial consultation, you meet with a skilled and compassionate attorney who has a track record of success in defending adults and minors charged with DUI. Call us at 717-781-8021 today.

Options For Minimizing The Negative Consequences

Jail time, fines and lengthy driver's license suspensions are common results in DUI cases, but not everyone charged with drunk driving has to endure these negative outcomes. For example, Pennsylvania law allows for some individuals — typically people charged with DUI for the first time — to participate in a pretrial diversionary program called Alternative Rehabilitative Disposition, commonly called ARD.

ARD offers alternatives to jail time and lengthy license suspension, both of which can affect your employment and other aspects of your life. Meeting the ARD requirements also means that a DUI will not be added to your record.

The Law Office of Marc J. Semke can help you explore every available option for minimizing the negative consequences of a DUI charge. Our goal is to help you put this matter behind you. If going to trial is the option that makes the most sense, we will not hesitate to take your case to trial.

Helping South Central Pennsylvania Parents And Teens Fight Underage DUI Charges

Most teenagers are not aware of how a conviction for underage DUI can affect their lives. A DUI conviction can hurt a young person's ability to:

  • Get into college
  • Enlist in the military
  • Pass a background check required to get some jobs

Having successfully handled hundreds of juvenile cases, we know how the juvenile justice system works. That is why we thoroughly investigate every aspect of each underage DUI case, including arrest reports and physical evidence, to determine whether the traffic stop was legal. If the police violated your child's rights at any point, the charge may be dropped or dismissed.

We can also explore your child's options for participating in a youth diversion program. As a youth advocacy law firm, we are familiar with multiple service providers, educational programs and treatment facilities, and we regularly help young people avoid long-term negative consequences in the aftermath of DUI charges.

Protect Your Rights And Future Today

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