Diversion Programs For Adults And Minors

Diversion ProgramsThe Law Office of Marc J. Semke is committed to helping adults and minors avoid the long-term negative consequences of criminal and juvenile charges. Part of that commitment involves finding practical solutions that match each client's specific situation.

A York native, founding attorney Marc Semke is familiar with the various alternatives to punitive sentencing in York County, Lancaster County and the surrounding areas. As part of his legal practice, he connects adults and kids with diversion programs that provide educational and rehabilitative services.

These programs can not only address issues such as substance abuse and addiction, but they can also often provide evidence of progress that can be used in court to resolve criminal charges. For convenience, a number of these programs can be completed online.

A Leading Advocate For Juveniles

Adjudication is essentially another word for a juvenile conviction. It can have negative consequences for a young person well into adulthood.

For more than a decade, The Law Office of Marc J. Semke has been helping young people keep their records clean by advocating for use of diversion programs, treatment facilities and rehabilitation centers — instead of a conviction.

Mr. Semke has taken a critical look at the juvenile justice system in Pennsylvania, and you can rely on him to defend your child's rights while advocating for a truly positive solution.

Diversion programs exist for all of the following issues:

  • Underage drinking
  • Drug possession and addiction
  • Property crimes
  • Traffic violations
  • Assault
  • Sexual offenses

Our firm's goal is to help end the cycles of addiction and violence that continue to lead young people astray. If your son or daughter is having legal problems, you can rely on Mr. Semke to guide your family through the court system and help you create a strategy for a positive outcome.

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