Underage Drinking Charges Defense In York, Pennsylvania

Underage DrinkingIf your child has been charged with underage drinking, speak with an attorney who is experienced in juvenile law and who has a framework in place for helping parents determine which course of action is most beneficial for the child. There are pros and cons to the various ways that you can proceed, and it is important that you understand the immediate and long-term effects of each.

Contact The Law Office of Marc J. Semke for comprehensive guidance informed by over a decade of experience in juvenile advocacy and criminal defense. Our firm has represented juvenile defendants before the juvenile court at detention, suppression, adjudicatory, dispositional and review hearings. We put your best interests at the heart of our defense.

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The Law Office of Marc J. Semke is led by criminal defense lawyer, Marc J. Semke, who has made juvenile defense a top priority of his legal practice. Mr. Semke was raised in York County, attended York College and the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, and began his legal career as an assistant public defender with a focus on juvenile cases. He is extremely knowledgeable about available diversion programs for minors and local service centers that can factor into alternative sentences for youth crimes in Pennsylvania.

License Suspensions For Underage Drinking

The primary concern that a youth has when facing underage drinking charges is whether or not (and for how long) he or she will lose driving privileges. In most cases, driver's licenses are suspended according to the guidelines below.

First Offense90 days
Second Offense365 days (one year)
Third Offense Or More730 days (two years)

While it's reasonable to be concerned about driving privileges, unless your child needs his or her license to commute to school or work, it is often better to relinquish the privilege in favor of keeping an adjudication off of your child's record. Adjudication can hurt your child's chances for admission into educational programs and will surface during routine background checks on job applications.

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