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Making the law work for you, not against you

When you are pulled over for DUI or charged with possession, you may feel that the system of law has turned against you. Arrest leads to conviction, which leads to punishment, and permanent damage to your reputation.

It is a depressing prospect. But you do not need to be defenseless. In York, Camp Hill or throughout the Harrisburg region, Marc Semke has been putting the law on the side of citizens, including young citizens, for more than a decade.

Yes, the law can be harsh. But to those who know the intricacies of the law, there are many opportunities to erase criminal charges, to minimize their harshness, or – when conviction is unavoidable – to keep the punishment from ruining your life.

If you plead guilty to a crime – which many people do, out of shame or despair – you lose a lot of legal options.

Adult and juvenile cases

Attorney Marc Semke focuses on the human being you are, and your value to the community. He has successfully worked to have criminal and juvenile offense charges dismissed entirely. He has plea bargained serious charges down to misdemeanors clients can live with.

And even when conviction is unavoidable, he works to have sentences deferred, to have clients placed in diversion programs, and to have arrests and convictions expunged from the record – where the courts turn a blind eye to a bad event in your life, and you are allowed to make something of yourself.

Making the law work for you

The law seems awful when it is not on your side. With a capable, caring lawyer, who knows the case law that is relevant to your case, along with the statutes in the books, the law is not so bad.

When you or a family member need the law to be on your side, and not against you, seek out that lawyer. It will be one the best decisions you ever make.


Customer wants 48-hour email notification.


Audience includes people who may be facing a variety of criminal charges, although DUI, drug charges and juvenile charges are the firm's main focus.

Audience is mostly in York, PA, but the customer would like to get more cases from the Harrisburg and Camp Hill areas.

Audience includes parents. Juvenile defense is a major practice area. Marc Semke said no one in York or the surrounding areas has his experience in representing juveniles. He knows treatment providers and diversion programs for every possible issue.

Keep income targeting broad.

Target people who have concerns about addiction, law, diversion programs, search and seizure, breath/chemical tests, field sobriety tests.

1) Addiction issues and diversion programs, including online programs for juveniles. Don't link to this or mention it by name, but the customer said he has sent juveniles to this site for online diversion courses:

2) DUI issues, including license suspension and Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD), which is discussed on the site.

3) Underage drinking -- see site for more info

Content should reflect a caring, pragmatic, solution-oriented approach -- solutions that meet the specific needs of individuals, including young people, and their families.

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