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Understanding Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition

You may have heard of Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition if you or someone you know is facing DUI charges for the first time. This program may be beneficial if the offense was your first. You may be wondering what ARD is and how it works.

Accelerated rehabilitative disposition is a “pre-trial diversionary” program that is unique to Pennsylvania. The program encourages offenders to make a fresh start and offers the possibility of a clean record following successful completion of the program.

Benefits of ARD

ARD offers you benefits to look forward to after completion of the program. You will be able to return to your life before your arrest. While most DUI offenses result in some sort of jail time, participation in ARD may help you avoid this. Your driver’s license suspension may also be shortened or dismissed. Pennsylvania DUI law says the ARD program can result in a license suspension from zero to 12 months. The typical length, though, is two months or less after completion.

Meeting the conditions for the designated amount of time may benefit you long-term. If you meet said conditions, the DUI offense will not be on your record. Fortunately, this means that you do not have to disclose your offense on job applications.

Things to consider

You may want to consider if the ARD program is right for you. In most of cases, the answer may be yes. Seeking advice on the matter may help determine if the program is an appropriate option to resolve your case. In some cases, an attorney may see a good chance at trial and advise fighting the charges in court rather than completing ARD.

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